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You know, I’m not sure there is anything really better than a glass of wine on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Ok, I’m technically lying about the lazy part as I am attempting to study for my finals next week but it definitely looks like a lazy Sunday outside.  Since I’m studying I probably shouldn’t be having a glass of wine but whatever…

Some cultures have an afternoon siesta, we should institute an afternoon wine appreciation hour.  Just look at most Americans – over worked, under paid, stressed to the hilt, running around like headless chickens.  And for what?  Why do we work our fingers to the bone and feel guilty when we reward ourselves?  We need some R&R; rioja and relaxation.

I’m going to write Congress…  =)

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Yes, I realize it’s missing the nostalgic charm of the age-old container called glass, but it’s pretty damn tasty and should not be shunned merely because it’s in a bag, inside of a box.  Not only is this a more eco-friendly design, it’s a ton cheaper and also very convenient as you don’t have to worry about drinking the entire bottle before it goes bad (which for some of us is not much of a problem anyway, oh well).  While consumption of such a product may result in people making fun of you because you have “wine on tap” I dare say it’s worth a shot.  Here in Portland you can find it for roughly $15 a box, which is equivilent to 4 sparkling glass bottles.  I’ve tried almost all of their wines (a lush might you say) and have not been disappointed yet.  The chardonnay is good for drinking OR cooking should the need arise.  And while the word “hardy” may render your mind incapable of thinking beyond beef stew or a hardware shop, your taste buds won’t follow its lead.

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