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I was the designated roll tosser when I was little.  Every Sunday we’d gather round my Grandmother’s table, after church of course, and I’d chuck rolls at all my family members, except for Grumps.  I don’t recall him ever fixing his own plate…  Perhaps I just liked throwing things – which isn’t far from the truth – but I loved bread and wanted it near me at all times.  And I still do, love it that is not need it at my beck and call.  Lately it seems like I love it a whole lot.  Probably too much.  Oh well.

Making your own bread always seems to scare people; or at least it frightened me.  It’s definitely one of those things that, for whatever reason, takes a lot of practice.  You can follow the same recipe to the T every single time and every single time you might get something different, or something gooey, or something not resembling bread at all.  I’ve made this bread recipe three times and five different ways, and every time it’s turned out great.  I even got a little too creative and put kale in it once and even that was edible.

Kale and nutritional yeast, kalmata olive and garlic, and plain “French” bread.

A couple days ago I threw another batch of dough together.  This time I put some herbs in it (though I can’t really taste them), did about 1/3 wheat and 2/3’s AP flour, and twisted the little guy (don’t worry, I was gentle).  It didn’t come out as pretty as I hoped but it’s still tasty.

So for lunch yesterday (and then dinner… good thing I had a long run in the morning) I made an open face sandwich/ bruschetta from my bread.  I grilled (pan fried) slices of the bread then lightly sauteed some chard, eggplant and shiitake mushrooms in olive oil and balsamic, grabbed some cucumber and put a dollop of cashew ricotta on top.  Damn tasty! if I do say so myself.  And it looked prettier than the loaf did. =)

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I love mushrooms.  They’re right up there next to my friends the eggplant and butternut squash.  I think I might even prefer them over chocolate sometimes… sometimes.  I really like expensive mushrooms that I never get to eat because Freddy’s charges over $12 a lb for the little guys.  I must be in the mushrooms gods’ favor however as I received a whole bunch of them in my CSA share this week.

Well, color me happy! There’s shiitakes in here for two!

I’ve only used a handful of them so far as I had some cremini in the fridge to get rid of, but last night we made pizza and I made a shroom pie.  I used a variation of this crust (less cornmeal, more flour, no pepper, and Earth Balance instead of oil), a half order of this sauce (all crushed toms), the Cashew Ricotta from Veganomicon, and a whole bunch of shroomers.  It was quite tasty.

Also in my share this week was some kale (supposedly, though I think it’s chard), new potatoes, scallions and fava beans. I don’t recall ever having fava beans before.  I’ve definitely never shelled fresh ones so I think I have some learning to do.  I hear you have to shell them not once but twice.  Fun, fun.  Hopefully the taste will be worth the effort.  Anyone have any favorite fava recipes?

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