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A slight breeze is whistling in through the kitchen window. Birds are chattering away outside, likely discussing the pleasant weather we currently find ourselves in. It’s late in the day for lunch, about one in the afternoon. Instead of hustling my food into my cluttered office and clicking away at the world while I eat I decide to enjoy the serene surroundings I unexpectedly find myself in. I pour a petite glass of chardonnay, move the other folding wooden chair closer to my feet so that my legs can lounge, and sit down at my bistro sized dining table, that in all honestly belongs on a patio instead of in a kitchen, with my lunch and a book. I must say it’s been the best lunch I’ve had in a very long time. I nonchalantly peck at my food between pages of perfectly blended words, and alternately sip the crisp chardonnay along with some water. It reminds of something I should do more often. I typically fail to allow myself such pleasures. Such a pity – I think I shall work on this.

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