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and that is an indicator of how my Monday is going.

I don’t have time to type but in case anyone out there is waiting with bated breath for me to post something new, voila!  I’ll hopefully have some time this week to concoct something for which to transcribe here, so stay tuned.  I spent last week galibanting about Honolulu (to explain a portion of the reason for why I haven’t posted anything).

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You know, I talk to myself a lot so I thought this whole blogging thing would be much easier than it has turned out to be.  I think I need the Obi-Wan of blogging to come incite my inner blogger. Lately I have some good ideas to jib jab about but by the time I finally decide to jot down a note about the like totally awesome thoughts I had, they are gone.  My reaction: “damn.”

I think it helps if you have something to provoke you.  By that I mean a community of people who care enough to devote a couple minutes a day or a week to read whatever rubbish you’ve decided to upload to the greater internet abyss of rambling.

Anyway, I have a new found respect for people who blog well.

Think I’m going to go meander in the sunshine now… what’s left of it anyway.

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I start looking forward to my coffee the day before, when I’m getting ready for bed.  This seems peculiar to most people, and I myself even thought it strange at first, but now I’m accustomed to my earnestness for it every night.  Not that I’m addicted or anything, though it sure sounds as though I am…  I find a certain comfort in coffee.  It’s warm, rich, creamy.   Never gets mad at me or tells me I did something wrong.  It’s always there when I need to get away and peruse my thoughts.  And it goes great with a rainy Saturday afternoon.  I have this crappy little $30 Mr. Coffee espresso maker I bought from Target like 3 years ago.  It gets the job done but I can never really figure out why the lattes I get at coffee shops are so damn frothy.  My little guy evidently can’t quite get my soy milk that thick for whatever reason.  Perhaps it’s because I threw out the rubber ring that holds the frothing tube onto the steaming nozzle…. oops.  I told myself once I quit my real job and started college I would get a job at a coffee shop, mainly so I could learn the right way to make coffee.  That’s something you don’t hear from many people; I’d like to quit my nice paying job to sling coffee.  Money’s over rated.  I hope to own a coffee shop one of these days, most likely after college since my bank account is currently only moving in one direction, and it’s the wrong one at that.  But coffee….  I think I could give up wine before I gave up coffee, and I really, really like my wine.  You can curl up on the couch on a rainy day with wine, but that does have a tendency to lead to you dancing in the rain, which in turn may end in sniffles.

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