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What the crap man!?!?!  I’m 26, not 62.  For some reason I had hoped to age gracefully, perhaps like Audrey Hepburn (sans the smoking), but I’m getting warning signs that aren’t so much in my favor.  Like the white hair (that’s right, white, not gray) I found on my 26th birthday, and the smile lines I have around my mouth.  I would use anti-aging cream on my face but, alas, it makes my skin break out.  Argh!

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Just because you’re 5’2″ and weigh 300 lbs does not mean you are entitled to sit in the priority seating area on the bus; that section is for elderly and disabled citizens.  Being lazy and lacking self control does not afford you special privileges.  Good god people.  Lower the fork, get off the couch, and get some exercise.  You don’t need to look like Barbie but you shouldn’t be triple your recommended body weight either.  Take some pride in yourself.

Now I realize some people have actual medical reasons for being overweight, and that’s an entirely different story so don’t count me as being a total bitch because of what I said here.  I think America has a severe food addiction problem that we are ever so obliging in sweeping under the rug.  Lets focus on the alcoholics and drug addicts while half of America eats themselves to death.  Great idea.


If you’re reading this and think I’m only seeing half the picture and speaking entirely out of line, well, you are more than welcome to your own opinion. I can’t obviously express all of my sentiments about food issues in a short blog posting. I’m well aware how many factors affect people’s weight and eating habits, including psychological and environmental. In my mind, aside from the vast array of various issues pertaining to this subject, people’s lack of control with food, or use of it to aid their psychological state, is a real problem in America (and perhaps other countries).  I commonly refer to the over eating that goes on in this country as the Fat American Syndrome.  Portions typically served in American restaurants clearly speak this notion for me; they are way too large.  While children are starving in Africa you can, on most major highways in the south, get a 72oz steak for free if you can eat it all.  So not only are we slowly poisoning ourselves with massive quantities of food, but we are depriving children from any nourishment at all.  I also have several years of personal experience witnessing food addiction so don’t judge me too harshly if you feel I don’t know what I’m talking about because I’m obviously not somebody this blog posting would pertain to.

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Note to self:

Self, do not go buy groceries on a Saturday.  Especially do not go buy groceries on a Saturday when that Saturday happens to fall before a holiday.  At best your trip will consist of an angry, over weight, unhappily married, soccer mom driving an ugly sand colored mini-van blaring her horn at you because she’s cranky and rude.  Inside the store you’ll find hundreds of unhappy middle aged Americans who are also rude and feel they are better than you and will therefore NOT create any room for you to maneuver your cart through the isle; merely they’ll look at you and go back to perusing the jellies (grape, raspberry, seedless, sugar-free, reduced sugar, organic, preserves… effin move already!!!!).

Hmph!!!!  I now have a glass of wine in my hand; I’ll be better soon.

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If you tell somebody you’re mailing them something (and refuse to drop even the slightest hint as to what it is that you’re mailing) actually mail the damn thing!  23 days later and an uber important mystery package hasn’t arrived….

24 days…

33 days….  Guess whatever the hell it was/ is isn’t that pressing.

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