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I was the designated roll tosser when I was little.  Every Sunday we’d gather round my Grandmother’s table, after church of course, and I’d chuck rolls at all my family members, except for Grumps.  I don’t recall him ever fixing his own plate…  Perhaps I just liked throwing things – which isn’t far from the truth – but I loved bread and wanted it near me at all times.  And I still do, love it that is not need it at my beck and call.  Lately it seems like I love it a whole lot.  Probably too much.  Oh well.

Making your own bread always seems to scare people; or at least it frightened me.  It’s definitely one of those things that, for whatever reason, takes a lot of practice.  You can follow the same recipe to the T every single time and every single time you might get something different, or something gooey, or something not resembling bread at all.  I’ve made this bread recipe three times and five different ways, and every time it’s turned out great.  I even got a little too creative and put kale in it once and even that was edible.

Kale and nutritional yeast, kalmata olive and garlic, and plain “French” bread.

A couple days ago I threw another batch of dough together.  This time I put some herbs in it (though I can’t really taste them), did about 1/3 wheat and 2/3’s AP flour, and twisted the little guy (don’t worry, I was gentle).  It didn’t come out as pretty as I hoped but it’s still tasty.

So for lunch yesterday (and then dinner… good thing I had a long run in the morning) I made an open face sandwich/ bruschetta from my bread.  I grilled (pan fried) slices of the bread then lightly sauteed some chard, eggplant and shiitake mushrooms in olive oil and balsamic, grabbed some cucumber and put a dollop of cashew ricotta on top.  Damn tasty! if I do say so myself.  And it looked prettier than the loaf did. =)

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Don’t let them fool you, they aren’t as friendly as they appear.  Not one of these little guys puffed up properly.  AND they took forever because I could only make 1-2 of them at a time.  Argh!  Should have picked a better day to make pitas (I had a midterm the next day and gobs of reading to do).

They taste super delicious though, and are mucho cheaper than buying a package of pitas at the store.  Using my Portland prices they equate to about $0.15/ pita (and they are larger than what you’d find at Freddy’s), which is about $0.42 cheaper than store bought.

As for the puffing, there’s a tip in the comments of the recipe blog saying to role them out a certain way.  I would try that if you give this a whirl.


8/23/09 UPDATE!!!! If you simply roll these little jobbers out and let them rest there for a little while before throwing them in the oven they will likely puff.  I had about an 85% puff rate last time I made these by just letting them take a hiatus.

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