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So it’s November. Time for people to start consuming more food than would typically be considered normal in the name of “The Holidays.” Football is plaguing every channel, the leaves are changing and cluttering the ground, and all those evil retailers out there are trying to sell you a bunch of worthless crap that your relatives will be ever so thankful for just before they sell it on Craigslist.

This time of the year always stresses me out. The holidays are supposed to be about community and family, getting together with friends and being thankful for what you have and that Bush is no longer the President. But every year the plane tickets get more expensive, the price of Barbie dolls increases, and my checking account never seems to follow suite with these trends. Every year my Scrooge of a demeanor gets reinforced and my belief that Christmas is only still celebrated because it’s an economic stimulus package becomes stronger. Why can’t we just say screw the overpriced gifts and the high fructose corn syrup infused food that makes you lethargic and suicidal and just get together and drink some wine and forget about all the useless rubbish that pervades every street corner, store window and television channel? How about, for a change, instead of buying toys that will likely give your children lead poisoning or sneakers made by poor, underpaid, overworked 11 year olds in musty sweatshops that we put our money where it’s needed? Millions of people go hungry every day, and just as many children likely see December pass them by without so much as a lump of coal in their stockings. This is just an idea but maybe if you’re considering buying 10 presents for your child you can instead buy 2 presents for your child and give 8 other children a Christmas this year. There are charitable organizations in almost every city in America – it doesn’t take much to help out somebody in need.IMG_2212

Alright, soapbox has been put away. So last night was Halloween. Those of you that were lucky, or perhaps unlucky, enough to be at Doug Fir in Portland got to see less costume than was probably expected; nothing like a little Halloween stripping to reel in the holiday season!  Aside from seeing more boob than I really wanted to last night was pretty fun.  For lack of time and money I ended up bein a little farm girl, though I think a trip back to the south is in order as I had a hard time pulling my Arkansas accent together.  Maybe Santa will bring me a rental car this year so I can brush up on my drawl.

Well, enough diddle daddlin, I have essays to write.  Happy fall to everyone!

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