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Ok, it needs to cool off.  I had to go to a bar to do my homework.  You laugh.  I am serious.  When your apartment is nearing 100 degrees and Yoda isn’t around to cool it off for you it’s impossible to concentrate on anything, and likely that you may get heat stroke.  So, the closest place to mia casa that had air conditioning was a Scottish pub, and I like all things Scottish. =)  Or Irish.  Whatever.

It hasn’t rained in at least two weeks, at least I can’t remember the last time sweet droplets of water fell from the sky.  It ticks you off in January when you’ve seen the rain for the last 3 months but when it’s late July and 85 degrees at 10 am and you don’t have AC you really start missing the rainy season.  I’ve walked into spider webs for the past two weeks every day on my way to the bus stop.

So it’s almost 8pm.  My doors and windows are all open.  I think it’s a brisk 99 degrees in here.  I’m super excited about that.

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This may be a vain attempt as not many people read my blog, but has anyone out there ever tried to shrink a pair of 7’s?  And by that I mean jeans; 7 For All Mankind.  If you have, will you do me the courtesy of leaving me a comment and letting me know how it went for you please?

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