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For lunch today I made a quinoa salad with fresh organic greens, slivers of apple, daikon and cucumber, a few almonds and a citrusy red wine vinaigrette dressing – a tasty and nutritious combo.  Well, I sit down after class to eat real quick before going to work.  I’m quickly chomping my way through my salad – munch, munch, crunch, munch – and then I look down in my bowl.  “I don’t remember putting olives in here.  Wait, is that an olive?  What is that?” At this point my heart rate increases a few notches and I get this squeamish feeling in my stomach.  “Hmmm,” I say to myself and immediately decide to quit eating.

I didn’t look at it again until I got home (4.5 hours later) because I wanted somebody else to positively identify the foreign object that somehow made its way into my homemade lunch.

But it was just as I suspected.

When I signed up for farm fresh produce I just assumed that organics had their limits, but I guess with the good comes the bad.  Not that I think they planted the little guy in my mixed greens or anything.

I even washed the salad greens in two separate batches.  And then spun them in the salad spinner and proceeded to separate them again into two different containers and then refrigerate them.  The fridge is probably what did it.  I imagine even slugs need oxygen.

So, the moral of the story is: “be very very careful when washing your greens!”

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