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I hate, hate, hate being late for things, anything at all.  If there’s a specific time I’m supposed to be somewhere, I’m there 20 minutes early (at minimum).  This typically results in me sitting around waiting on people all the time.

Well, along side this penchant for punctuality is also an innate fear that I won’t be able to do things I need or want to do, like get into the classes I want to take next term.  Next term is Summer by the way.  That by itself should be enough to calm my fears as there’s far less people taking summer classes then every other term.  Alas, it was not.

Secondly, the classes I want to take are 3.5 hours long, 4 days a week, starting at 8 am.  Now who in their right mind would do such a thing to themselves, especially during summer?!?!  But there’s more…

The classes I’m taking are Italian language classes.  [This is where I should realize that Italian is not a highly sought after language for college education]  But no.  I did not meander.  I got up 30 minutes early.  Arrived early at the bus stop so I wouldn’t miss the bus.  Rushed up to my class room.  Impatiently awaited my computer to boot.  Registered so quickly you’d have thought I was superman.  And voila, I have a spot in my Italian classes.  I actually have the only spot currently taken in the classes because normal people aren’t stress fiends like myself and took into consideration all the aforementioned indicators that the class would not fill up by 8:03 AM.

Someday I’ll learn how to relax. =)

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Bumper Sticker

I saw this today on the back of a black pick-em-up-truck and it gave me a little chuckle.

“RELIGION is what keeps the poor from killing the rich.”

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