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Really Crappy Food

This is the type of food that gives vegan food a bad rap.  I was a little hungry after lunch today so I ventured to the little market inside SMSU (at PSU campus) to get a snack.  Bad idea.  I should have gone with the scrumptious cookie I knew would have tasted good, or down to the Food for Thought Cafe.  Cardboard tastes better than these things, not to mention the consistency resembled crumbled up dog food.  Fellow vegans, if you’re hungry and want a snack, I’d recommend you munch on a tree leaf prior to buying one of these disastrous concoctions.

Now some might say, “but they’re healthy for you. Healthy food tastes bland.”  Wrong!  I cook healthy vegan food all the time.  There is no need for it to taste like crap.

I’m not one to give bad reviews by the way; if you look at the rest of my blog you’ll realize this is the first.

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I just bought this cookbook this afternoon while waiting for my new glasses to become uncomfortable (it seems things other than shoes made by Italians are prone to a breaking in period) and I’m already super excited and have hardly perused the recipes!  Perhaps I’m just happy to be reading something other than the imminent doom of humanity, or Middle English that I have to read twice to slightly comprehend, but perhaps she just wrote a damn fine preface.  I was obviously attracted to the book because of the title as I accidentally became a vegan (it’s all Google’s fault actually).  While I say I’m “vegan” I’m kinda fudging the truth.  I guess I’m actually a sushegan; which means I’m vegan except for when I eat sushi.  I only eat sushi once or twice a month so I figure I’m still roughly 98.39% vegan.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen The Accidental Vegan cookbook yet you should run out of your apartment this instant and go pick it up.  Ok, maybe it’s not quite that urgent but it’s due some of your attention.  Devra Gartenstein makes some good points about vegan and vegetarianism in her preface; like how people see vegan food as some weird cataclysmic way of life and they can’t eat vegan food until they conform from their evil ways (which isn’t true at all).  I find it funny how people think vegan food is weird when they eat it every single day without thinking about it.  Aside from her well versed preface, she obliges us with many a great looking recipe that aren’t complicated or include 27.5 ingredients to stress you out before you even open the cupboard.  She actually owns and runs the Patty Pan Grill in Seattle, which I haven’t been to but when the day comes that I finally take the 3 hour trip northward I will definitely be stopping in.  She also has a blog she keeps up with so check her out.

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