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I’m so proud!

For those of you that have the same battles I do with yeast, this is what it’s supposed to look like when you “activate” it.

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The Corny Kind

Cornmeal pizza crust!  Had a slight resemblance to cornbread but it still tasted good.  The version that was thinner and crunchier than mine was said to be quite delicious (his was on the larger pan, hence the difference in thickness).

The way it goes:

1 C cornmeal
1 C wheat flour
1 C unbleached AP flour
1 T garlic
2 tsp salt
½ – 1 tsp pepper
¼ C olive oil
1 C hot water (115 degrees)
1 T sugar
2 ½ tsp of yeast (or 1 package)

Mix sugar and yeast to hot water and let stand for about 10 minutes; it should foamed at this point. If not you’re technically supposed to start over but don’t go throwing out 10 batches of yeast; if 2 don’t foam just go about the rest of the steps.

While yeast is foaming (activating), mix the rest of the ingredients except the oil. After the 10 minutes are up, mix in oil and yeast mixture with the flour and knead into a ball. If your dough is too sticky add a little more flour until it stops sticking to your hands.

Rub olive oil on kneaded dough, put it in a large bowl and cover with plastic wrap and a towel and let rise for 2 hours.

Roll it out, sauce it, top it, and cook it at 475 degrees for about 12 – 15 minutes, or until golden brown.

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So I started trying to make pizza from scratch about a year and 1/2 ago.  It’s been a battle ever since.  If anyone has any ideas for continual success at getting the yeast to foam, please pass it on.  It doesn’t seem to matter what I do or how exact I get the temperature of the water, it never foams.  Except for this one time.  The only time the yeast has ever foamed for me ended up in the best pizza I have ever made.  It’s topped with roma tomatos, zucchini, grilled eggplant, and mushrooms.

the dough:

1 C hot water (110 – 115 degrees)
2 – 3 tsp yeast
1 T sugar
1 ½ C wheat flour (or 1 C wheat and…)
1 ½ C unbleached AP flour (… 2 C all purpose)
¼ C olive oil (or grape seed oil works well if you have a store of it in the cupboard)
1 T Italian seasonings
½ – 1 T garlic powder
2 tsp salt
Red pepper flakes (optional)

Mix yeast with 1 cup hot water and 1 T sugar and let sit for 10 minutes. This is where the yeast is supposed to foam, let me know if you succeed. Mix the rest of the ingredients, sans the oil, in a food processor if you have one, else just a large bowl. Once the yeast mixture is ready add the oil to it. If you’re using a processor, turn it on and slowly pour in the yeast mixture; once all of the mixture is in it takes about a minute for it to be kneaded. If you are mixing by hand, pour some of the yeast mixture in and mix. Repeat this until everything is combined. If you are doing this by hand, you’ll need to knead the dough for about 15 minutes. Once kneaded, form the dough into a ball, put some olive oil all over it and set it in a large bowl covered with plastic wrap and a towel for about 2 hours. You can prepare your pizzas at this point or put it in a plastic bag and throw is in the fridge. I usually get 2 med – large pizzas from this.

the sauce:

If you don’t want to use a premade sauce, this is typically pretty tasty: https://parsnipsandsprockets.wordpress.com/2009/03/29/my-my-my-my-marinara/

Baking it: If you have a pizza stone, bake the pizza on it at 475 – 500 degrees for about 10 minutes.  If you don’t have one because it broke in half like mine did and you’re too cheap to buy another one just use a baking sheet with the holes throughout it.  It usually takes about 10 – 15 minutes at 475 on the bottom rack.  Cut and enjoy!

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