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If your mind took a sharp turn south you can now retrieve it from the gutter.  🙂

The quarterly blood drive at PSU is coming up on October 19th and 20th from 11am – 4pm.

It’s a simple matter really.  You come, sit down, read of bunch of fine print, testify that you don’t possess anything vile which can be transferred, sit (or lie in my case – I tend to faint) in a chair, let a kind volunteer who hopefully has a cheery disposition gently prick your arm with a tiny little needle, do some more sitting, get a neon colored bandaged wrapped around your arm, and eat free cookies.  That’s right, f-r-e-e cookies.  Granted they aren’t monster sized, gourmet cookies from a local, organic bakery, but they’re still free.  And that’s not the point anyway.  The point is that people need blood.  We have a little extra lying around.  We should give it.

So go sign up and help save a life!  Go here, and type “Portlandstate” in the search box.  Pick a day and time.  Voila!

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Haven’t posted anything in awhile as I’ve been awash in homework lately and can’t seem to find much time to breath, or to do any other vitally important function I typically do when able, like blogging.  The homework horizon still seems somewhat far away, like 6 weeks most likely, but hopefully things will start balancing themselves out.

Anyway, I will say that this morning I got to witness a bus driver actually asking somebody to remove themselves from the bus as they stank to high heavens.  It sounds kinda funny but the smell was really, really bad; like been 2 – 3 weeks since a shower kind of bad.  In all honesty it’s sad that such a situation occurs in this day and age as there’s no real reason anyone should be without the resources we all consider standard.  But perhaps the guy actually chose not to shower and then it’s a whole other ball game.  I can smell myself after a 6 mile run; there’s no way in hell this guy hadn’t had a whiff of himself.  Just another day on the ole public transportation I guess!

I also gave blood today (been busy, I told you!).  I now have a slightly unbendable arm with a bright blue apendage wrapped around the elbow.  If you don’t currenlty give blood because you are lazy or a wimp you should sit yourself in a corner for 10 minutes and put on a dunce hat.  After that you should go online and schedule an appointment to save a life!  There always seems to be a never ending shortage of blood for people who need transfusions and what not and this shortage seems entirely unncessary to me, being that we have oodles of people running around the world who are more than able to donate.  It’s doesn’t hurt much at all and only takes an hour or so.  So get goin! =)

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