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Today I received my first weekly share of veggies from 15 Miles Farm.  As you can see from the picture below, I have quite of bit of greens to devour… half of which are cabbage.

I’m sure seasonal eating gets easier with experience, but right now I’m feeling almost panicky with all these greens!  Whatever will I do with them?  Somebody told me to make sauerkraut with the cabbage, but in all honesty I don’t really think I like sauerkraut.  I think.  Do I?  Nope.  I’m fairly positive.  I mean, I could probably eat some here or there, but I have like 4 heads of Napa Cabbage to consume (and who knows what I’ll be getting in my share next Sunday).  I think there are some soba noodles in my future.

According to the email from 15 Miles (I say this because I’ve yet to positively identify half of the various types of green leafy things that are currently residing in my fridge) the following is what I got in my share this week:

  • Napa cabbage
  • Braising Mix – stir fry vegetables including Morris Heading Collard Greens (heirloom), White Russian Kale (heirloom), Tatsoi, and Mizuna.
  • Salad mix – includes Rouge d’Hiver (heirloom), amaranth,pea shoots, lambs quarters, arugula, and Nevada lettuce.
  • French breakfast radishes
  • Assorted herbs  – oregano, sage, or mint
  • Parsely, Italian flatleaf
  • and 1 tomato plant

So all of this costs about $25/ week (for me it’s $12.50 because I happened to come upon a half off deal).  $25 may seem a little steep, but it’s all organic.  PLUS, supporting local agriculture is hugely important for our environment and local economy, among other things.  So it’s not that bad of a deal, especially if you can manage to eat what you get without buying many additional items every week.

If anybody has any cabbage ideas…. I need some.

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