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You know, I’m not sure there is anything really better than a glass of wine on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Ok, I’m technically lying about the lazy part as I am attempting to study for my finals next week but it definitely looks like a lazy Sunday outside.  Since I’m studying I probably shouldn’t be having a glass of wine but whatever…

Some cultures have an afternoon siesta, we should institute an afternoon wine appreciation hour.  Just look at most Americans – over worked, under paid, stressed to the hilt, running around like headless chickens.  And for what?  Why do we work our fingers to the bone and feel guilty when we reward ourselves?  We need some R&R; rioja and relaxation.

I’m going to write Congress…  =)

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I acknowledge that this is likely supposed to be in reverse (i.e. reading while walking) but sometimes you happen to be reading and suddenly (or perhaps not so suddenly) need to walk. In general, this happens to me on sunny days when the winds aren’t blowing 20 miles an hour or the rain isn’t coming in sideways as I walk home from Trimet # 8. I think it’s a real art. And because I have this high regard for it I’m positively astonished that I’ve managed to do this for some time now without clumsily tripping over one the three million, eight thousand, four hundred and twenty-seven cracks, miniature hills, gaping holes, etc. Portland seems to have in its sidewalks. If you’ve seen me trying to lazily traverse the sidewalks here while walking normally (i.e. without a book in hand for which my eyes are fixed) you’d realize that I have a supreme ability to stumble over my feet by fault of the many disparities in the sidewalks.

Well, as summer comes along I assume my habit of reading and walking will likely increase. I’m sure the confounded looks from passers by will also increase as they await for my idiot self to aimlessly meander into traffic, but lets just hope their looks are in vain. I believe I do a splendid job and gazing onward quite frequently while reading to avoid such break jamming, tire screeching scenarios. I find lately that I’m so busy with school my transit time between hither and thither is largely the only time I can find to read, something that I actually want to read anyway. If you’ve never been daring enough to whip out the ole paperback while lingering about your daily travels, I highly recommend it.

NOT if you are driving however. I saw a woman awhile back reading a novel while driving through the city. What in the world women think when they do this I’ll never know, and I’m a woman (I think). Women are said to be better multi-taskers than men, but I think some take it a bit too far, and far too literal. No, it’s not necessary to risk your life, the life of your children, their friends (who are also in the car), and those passing by on the street just to prove you can paint your nails, apply mascara, shift into 3rd, light a cigarette, and read Charles Dickens all at the same time.

Ok, now I am just procrastinating. I must to homework. If anyone would like to wrap up my latest essay for me please feel free to offer.

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What the crap man!?!?!  I’m 26, not 62.  For some reason I had hoped to age gracefully, perhaps like Audrey Hepburn (sans the smoking), but I’m getting warning signs that aren’t so much in my favor.  Like the white hair (that’s right, white, not gray) I found on my 26th birthday, and the smile lines I have around my mouth.  I would use anti-aging cream on my face but, alas, it makes my skin break out.  Argh!

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I hate, hate, hate being late for things, anything at all.  If there’s a specific time I’m supposed to be somewhere, I’m there 20 minutes early (at minimum).  This typically results in me sitting around waiting on people all the time.

Well, along side this penchant for punctuality is also an innate fear that I won’t be able to do things I need or want to do, like get into the classes I want to take next term.  Next term is Summer by the way.  That by itself should be enough to calm my fears as there’s far less people taking summer classes then every other term.  Alas, it was not.

Secondly, the classes I want to take are 3.5 hours long, 4 days a week, starting at 8 am.  Now who in their right mind would do such a thing to themselves, especially during summer?!?!  But there’s more…

The classes I’m taking are Italian language classes.  [This is where I should realize that Italian is not a highly sought after language for college education]  But no.  I did not meander.  I got up 30 minutes early.  Arrived early at the bus stop so I wouldn’t miss the bus.  Rushed up to my class room.  Impatiently awaited my computer to boot.  Registered so quickly you’d have thought I was superman.  And voila, I have a spot in my Italian classes.  I actually have the only spot currently taken in the classes because normal people aren’t stress fiends like myself and took into consideration all the aforementioned indicators that the class would not fill up by 8:03 AM.

Someday I’ll learn how to relax. =)

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I just bought this cookbook this afternoon while waiting for my new glasses to become uncomfortable (it seems things other than shoes made by Italians are prone to a breaking in period) and I’m already super excited and have hardly perused the recipes!  Perhaps I’m just happy to be reading something other than the imminent doom of humanity, or Middle English that I have to read twice to slightly comprehend, but perhaps she just wrote a damn fine preface.  I was obviously attracted to the book because of the title as I accidentally became a vegan (it’s all Google’s fault actually).  While I say I’m “vegan” I’m kinda fudging the truth.  I guess I’m actually a sushegan; which means I’m vegan except for when I eat sushi.  I only eat sushi once or twice a month so I figure I’m still roughly 98.39% vegan.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen The Accidental Vegan cookbook yet you should run out of your apartment this instant and go pick it up.  Ok, maybe it’s not quite that urgent but it’s due some of your attention.  Devra Gartenstein makes some good points about vegan and vegetarianism in her preface; like how people see vegan food as some weird cataclysmic way of life and they can’t eat vegan food until they conform from their evil ways (which isn’t true at all).  I find it funny how people think vegan food is weird when they eat it every single day without thinking about it.  Aside from her well versed preface, she obliges us with many a great looking recipe that aren’t complicated or include 27.5 ingredients to stress you out before you even open the cupboard.  She actually owns and runs the Patty Pan Grill in Seattle, which I haven’t been to but when the day comes that I finally take the 3 hour trip northward I will definitely be stopping in.  She also has a blog she keeps up with so check her out.

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Don’t you just love British slang?  They have all the fun words like codswallop, bollocks, bugger, blimey, and dodgy.  If you’re feeling the need to brush up on your British slang, here’s a fun website: http://www.effingpot.com/slang.shtml.

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If somebody has already said this Google didn’t let me know.  If I’m not the first to put it together that’s fine, i’s still fun!  If I am the first, it’s mine!! You can’t have it!!  (just kidding, sorta)

So here goes….  Are you ready???  OK!!!

“Grill a veggie.  Hug a cow!”

Now isn’t that awesome?!?!?!  =)

Happy Monday!!!

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