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I thought I’d title a post with something other than, “Just a little bit of…” I realized I did that about 3.76 minutes after I posted the ice cream cupcake recipe, but it was too late to change things as I had already submitted my cupcake to the contest. Oh well.

I’m currently in the midst of 4 days of cooking practicals for my finals of the first term of culinary at school. In fact, by the time this posts I’ll probably be running around half crazily trying not to burn something in the kitchen. Though I actually signed up for the baking and pastry program, they make you take one term of culinary (I think just to get enough credits to substantiate a degree, but it’s been a good learning experience none the less). I do like cooking, but I like cooking veggie food. Had I known I would have to fabricate 5 chickens during my time at OCI I might have changed my mind. =) But I survived (the birds unfortunately did not). Below is a pic of our class after day 2 of finals yesterday; I’m the dorky-elf looking girl with the glasses on 3rd from the left.

Due to finals I sadly don’t have any time to bake, so I guess my blog’s on hiatus until next week. I have a little more than a week off school so I plan on getting sugary in the kitchen. Until then I’ll be dreaming of pork chops and mise en place.

Have a great week!

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