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So I’ve been a little lazy about blogging lately.  I have a cupcake recipe I’ve been meaning to post for awhile but, alas, I’m still feeling lazy (so maybe tomorrow or sometime next week).

Though I’ve been totally neglecting my blog, I have been busy doing other things, like wedding planning.  The preparations are coming along nicely and right now almost all the big things are taken care of.  We even found a photographer that isn’t causing us to crack open our piggy bank.

A good friend of mine recommended Ruthie Briggs, a new and blossoming photographer in Vancouver, WA.  Of course you don’t want to take a chance on wedding photos because, lets face it, after all the cake tastings, dress trying on, venue shopping, catering planning and invite sending, the photos are the one thing that will be seen long after everything else is said and done.  This is exactly why wedding photographers get away with charging thousands of dollars.  But we aren’t paying thousands of dollars, and we don’t feel we’re taking any chance at all by going with a photographer that’s semi-new to the business.  In fact, we did our engagement photo session with Ruthie yesterday and couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  You can check our photos out here, as well as peruse the rest of her work.  While you’re there, feel free to leave a comment on our posting and help us get a free 11 X 14 photo (yep a free print on top of her spectacular rates).

If you live in the Portland/ Vancouver area and need a photographer, you can reach Ruthie at beautifulrainydays@yahoo.com or (360) 903-4508.

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Alright, time to end the radio silence.  I’ve been trying to get all this wedding stuff together.  Did you know that some places think their space is worth $7,000 a night?!  Well, they do.  I always heard that weddings were expensive but I had no idea just how expensive.  We finally found a place that’s semi-affordable luckily.  Then I moved on to finding a wedding photographer… yikes!  They want just as much for the photos as our venue, food and wine combined.  WTF!  I’m thinking about changing my career path.

On a brighter, more economical note, my first attempt at growing cucumbers has been a success!  Cleo (the cucumber plant) had 3 plump little cukes growing until somebody nabbed one of them, but the other two were delicious.  I think I left them on the vine a little too long however as all the other growth on the plant was dieing, but everything is coming back to life now.

I love the little curly q’s these things do.  I never really thought much about growing things but it’s so much fun.  It’s exciting every day to go downstairs and see what’s new or bigger or greener.

Timmy the tomato is also doing well.  It was a little touch and go for awhile, I didn’t think he was going to survive.  In fact, I had already declared him dead and then one day I looked over and little yellow flowers were blossoming all over the place.  I have 6 baby green tomatoes on the vine right now, and loads more yellow blossoms!

I also had some basil growing, twice in fact.  Twice it died too.  I’ve thought about getting another plant but after killing two I’m a little skeptic.

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