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I love mushrooms.  They’re right up there next to my friends the eggplant and butternut squash.  I think I might even prefer them over chocolate sometimes… sometimes.  I really like expensive mushrooms that I never get to eat because Freddy’s charges over $12 a lb for the little guys.  I must be in the mushrooms gods’ favor however as I received a whole bunch of them in my CSA share this week.

Well, color me happy! There’s shiitakes in here for two!

I’ve only used a handful of them so far as I had some cremini in the fridge to get rid of, but last night we made pizza and I made a shroom pie.  I used a variation of this crust (less cornmeal, more flour, no pepper, and Earth Balance instead of oil), a half order of this sauce (all crushed toms), the Cashew Ricotta from Veganomicon, and a whole bunch of shroomers.  It was quite tasty.

Also in my share this week was some kale (supposedly, though I think it’s chard), new potatoes, scallions and fava beans. I don’t recall ever having fava beans before.  I’ve definitely never shelled fresh ones so I think I have some learning to do.  I hear you have to shell them not once but twice.  Fun, fun.  Hopefully the taste will be worth the effort.  Anyone have any favorite fava recipes?

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  1. Feed it to your cat.
  2. Give it to somebody with braces.
  3. Roll it into balls and bake it in cupcakes.

While the last one may not sound like a horrible idea, amateurs must use caution (as I recently figured out).  At our latest Cupcakes and Cocktails girls night I suggested we make a vanilla cupcake with an oreo at the bottom, a ball of peanut butter in the middle, and peanut butter oreo frosting.  Sounds good, huh?  Yep, a little too good.  I managed to consume a whole cupcake and felt like I had a brick in my tummy.  I even went running the next day for about 9.5 miles to cure my ails (or the calories… whatever).  It was definitely a tasty combination but very, very rich.

That being said, my guys here at home both ate a whole one last night without any complaint, so maybe us ladies just have finicky tummies – about 2 minutes after we ate our cupcakes we all practically went into sugar commas and decided the night was at its end.

The cocktail we made was vanilla vodka, chocolate liqueur and a splash of milk served in a cookie crumb rimmed martini glass.  It was fairly good (also rich) but wasn’t exactly what we expected.  I think creme de cacao would probably suffice in place of Godiva’s expensive liqueur, or even chocolate milk.  Or just stick with my favorite; Kahlua and vodka.  The cookie rimmed glass was a nice touch though.

An alternate idea for this cupcake would be to make peanut butter cupcakes instead of putting the ball in the middle.  Another idea I had was to make cookies and cream martini cupcakes by leaving out the PB and subbing half the milk in the batter with vanilla vodka and pouring the liqueur into the middle of the cupcake once it’s cooked.  You could then make the frosting with vodka and liqueur instead of milk and roll the cupcake in cookie crumbs to rim it like a martini.  I would also probably ixnay the cookie at the bottom and just add oreo crumbs to the batter.  I think next the C & C night we’ll be sticking with something fool-proof out of VCTOTW though, so I’ll be trying this on my own soon.  =)

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For lunch today I made a quinoa salad with fresh organic greens, slivers of apple, daikon and cucumber, a few almonds and a citrusy red wine vinaigrette dressing – a tasty and nutritious combo.  Well, I sit down after class to eat real quick before going to work.  I’m quickly chomping my way through my salad – munch, munch, crunch, munch – and then I look down in my bowl.  “I don’t remember putting olives in here.  Wait, is that an olive?  What is that?” At this point my heart rate increases a few notches and I get this squeamish feeling in my stomach.  “Hmmm,” I say to myself and immediately decide to quit eating.

I didn’t look at it again until I got home (4.5 hours later) because I wanted somebody else to positively identify the foreign object that somehow made its way into my homemade lunch.

But it was just as I suspected.

When I signed up for farm fresh produce I just assumed that organics had their limits, but I guess with the good comes the bad.  Not that I think they planted the little guy in my mixed greens or anything.

I even washed the salad greens in two separate batches.  And then spun them in the salad spinner and proceeded to separate them again into two different containers and then refrigerate them.  The fridge is probably what did it.  I imagine even slugs need oxygen.

So, the moral of the story is: “be very very careful when washing your greens!”

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