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I stumbled across this totally superb vegan blog the other day and I’ve been randomly drooling over all the lovely food porn ever since.  And if you think food porn is in some perverse way related to Playboy, you need to get out more (and start photographing your food).  Anyway, I believe her name is Tessa and she is extremely creative with the cupcakes, amongst other things.  Check her out.

The pretty blue cupper cakers shown below are from this recipe (though I was lazy and didn’t freeze the cookie dough so they didn’t come out exactly like they should have).  You can’t get much better than a cookie AND a cupcake all in the same dessert, unless perhaps it’s a White Russian cupcake with espresso chocolate chip cookies, hmm…

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Sorry about that.  In trying to balance my schedule between Middle Earth, Italy and lost passwords I have totally neglected you.  But it gets worse.  Or better.  Or maybe just different….

The other day Samantha from Novels Eats invited me to take part in a thing called Lunch.  It’s a website for reviews of this, that and whatever floats your boat.  And there are different “communities,” like Vegan Living, Green Living, Bakers and Pastry Lovers, etc. that you can join.  You can rate and comment on others’ reviews, and people can follow you and you can follow them (in a non-stalker sort of way).  I think it’s pretty dandy, so I’ve been posting reviews on it instead of here (they’ve been all product reviews).  You should come on over and take a gander at it and join in if you feel so obliged to share you knowledge of what works and just  how well.

Oh, it’s not relegated to food by the way, as the name might lead you to assume.

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