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Anybody ever feel like there’s a little demon in Microsoft Word?  He likes to sneer at me with his menacing cursor.  blink.  blink.  blink.  I know what he’s thinking… he’s thinking I’m a little loony that’s what! =)

Oh… I don’t really have anything to say here.  Well, I’m sure I could think of lots of things to say but I’m not really sure they’d be, um, well received by all.  One of these days I’ll get over that fear of hurting people’s feelings and learn how to write what comes to me.  One day, but this is not that day.

Basically I’m procrastinating right now, and those of you that perhaps meandered your way over here are benefiting from it, or perhaps wishing I wasn’t wasting your time.   It’s all the same.

School’s back in full swing.  This time I’m also working so I’m starting to get the feel of what this whole “not getting any sleep/ coffee overloaded” college life is supposed to be like.  I like it though.  I like being busy.  I find that the more time I have at my disposal the more time I end up disposing.  Though, as evidenced by this blog posting, I’m still finding time to throw away. =)

So last year I wanted to run the Portland Marathon.  That, however, did not come to pass.  This year I’m making some plans though; going to step it up a notch.  I’m not promising myself the marathon yet, but I am definitely going to put two feet and 12.3 miles towards it.  Actually, I’m planning on running at least an 8k, a 10k , and a half marathon this year.  I think if I survive those I’ll be gung-ho for the big one in October.   Plus there’s about 5 months between the last race and the marathon so I should be plenty rested.  If anyone has any marathon training tips feel free to send them my way.  There’s a lot of running events in Portland so if you’re interested in running something here you don’t really have an excuse not to.  Here’s some links to some of Portland’s events:

In other news, I’m about 27 minutes away from my 2 year anniversary.  2 years ago, after a long week of attempting to go out in a new city which I barely knew, I woke up one morning, after smoking at least 2 packs of cigarettes the night before, hating myself.  Hangovers get worse as you get older, but they are also far worse if you’ve been sucking in smoke all night (so if you quit smoking you can drink more, wink wink).  January 12th, 2008 I told the Marlboro Man to hit the road and I’m quit proud to say that he never came back.  I was going to make myself a little cupcake with a cigarette decorated on top of it to celebrate but time hasn’t allowed for such extravagances.

Later this week I’ll also be celebrating being 1 year closer to 30.  Ugh… I just recently figured out I was an adult, and now I’m an adult closing in on 30 with a couple of grays hairs and a few fine lines.  Mi dispiace.  =(  It’s not really that bad I guess.  I just figured I’d be in some total other place in my life by this time.  It’s ok that I’m not of course (in that other place, which would have likely involved a white picket fence and a yard that I’m happy to not have to maintain), but self-reflection puts a lot of things in perspective and what better time to reflect than when you’re turning the dial another notch.  I’m just thinking it’s time to get things done.  I tend to plan things for far out in the future, but it seems the future is catching up with me.

Ok, I think the rambling should now come to a close.  Sorry to leave you hanging if you were expecting something more, or something profound.  Hope you’ve enjoyed this evening’s edition of absolutely nothing.  I’ll see ya later (said in a New Yorkish accent, like Grace from Will and Grace).

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Though I’m sitting here with a hangover (but what would New Year’s Day be without one??) and I’m not necessarily looking forward to starting school, and work, in a couple days, I’m honestly excited for the upcoming year.  I’m typically a scrooge about the holidays and always see them for what they really are – annual economic stimulus packages.  But today feels a little different, and not just because my stomach is gurgling from drinking too many beers last night.  For once things feel like they’re heading in the direction they’re supposed to be.  I don’t exactly know where that is per se, it’s just a feeling I have swaying in the back of my mind that’s telling me everything is okay.  A feeling of peace and calmness that is actually overpowering the constant worrying and anxiety that seems to pervade more of my days than not.  Whatever the New Year brings I’m ready for it.  I feel strong and confident, and ready to live.

I also feel like sharing my cupcakes.  These don’t really have anything to do with the New Year, aside from being part of the NYE spread last night, but they’re pretty so I wanted to post them.  =)  Strawberry cupcakes, from the cupcake canon.

Happy New Year everyone!

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