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I’ve been in the mid south trying to regain my southern drawl.  I’m now in Texas trying to lose some of it. =)  I’ll be back in Portland, hopefully without the accent, in a little while.  Until then, happy holidays!

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for the past 10 weeks.  Not to mention writing, researching, making a website, and learning Italian.  I’m quite tired.

At least they, most of them anyway, were rather interesting books. I will probably give more in-depth reviews on these books in other posts but here’s a quick rundown for a few of them.

I highly recommend reading Jane Eyre. Not just because of the love story but also because of the brilliant job she did writing it and interweaving all sorts of symbolism and hidden meaning.  I’m definitely going to read it again.

Blu’s Hanging was, um, horrid at points but it was well written.  If you decide to read it you might want to grab a Hawaiian pigeon dictionary and be prepared for some cruel and graphic kitty scenes.  I wouldn’t have finished reading it if it wasn’t assigned because of the kitty abuse but it doesn’t continue throughout the novel.  There is also a lot of perverse sexuality in it, so considered yourself warned.

I think my second favorite book was Love Medicine.  If you decide to read it make sure you get the version that has the extra 3-4 chapters.  I managed to get a hold of the original version which was missing a few chapters, so I think I got a little screwed story wise.  There’s also two other books that go along with this one which I plan to buy; Tracks and The Beet QueenLove Medicine takes place on an Indian Reservation in North Dakota.  Each chapter is told from a different characters’ viewpoint, very intriguing way to read a book.

I also enjoyed The Awakening. It was published in 1899 but seems rather advanced for its time.  I won’t give away the ending but just remember to keep an open mind if you read it.  It’s the story of a woman realizing who she is and what she wants out of life and following her desires regardless of the society around her.

The Color Purple. I think half the population has read this book.  The other half has likely seen the movie, which from what I hear left A LOT out and doesn’t do it justice.  I hadn’t done either before my lit class this term, so maybe half and half isn’t exactly correct.  Anyway… the beginning of the novel is somewhat heart wrenching, but it gets better and it’s enlightening to see Celie’s transformation as you turn the pages.  I highly recommend reading this book also.

The other books were good too, I just don’t have anything to say about them right now. =)  Maybe later.  Well, I think I should remove my arse from the bed and accomplish something today.  Happy Holidays!!!

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So I’ve been a little busy, since like September.  Hopefully I’ll be back to this blog thing more frequently in the near future but until then you can see some of what I’ve been up to in the following video.  Buon sta guardando!

Nothing happens in the last 3 & 1/2 minutes, fyi.


The Parody of the Wannabe American

  • Giosuè: I don’t want to eat this pasta!  I want to eat hamburgers, drink Miller Highlife, while watching the Simpson like the Americans.
  • Ambra: You’re making a fool of yourself!  Italian food is much more tasty than American food.  Why do you want to drink disgusting beer when we have the best wine in the world?
  • Giosuè: Because I want to be an American!!  They have baseball, Metallica, Seinfield, and Sarah Palin.  And all the women have big boobs.
  • Ambra: Enough!  You can never be an American.  You’re an Italian from Rome, not a hick from Arkansas! (no offense Arkansans J)
  • Giosuè: Yes, I can be an American.
  • Ambra: No, you can’t!
  • Giosuè: Yes, I can!
  • Ambra: You can’t!
  • Maria (Mamma): Shutup!!  Mamma mia! You both are making fools of yourselves!  (looks at Giosuè) You could not live in the United States because they don’t have prosciutto, and the girls are actually too skinny.
  • Ambra: Also, you’re the biggest mamma’s boy.
  • Maria: And you (looking at Ambra), it’s not worth it to say these things to him, sometimes he can be a meathead (literal translation is “head of a turnip” J) Eat what I have prepared.  Eat!  Eat!
  • Giosuè: No!  I will not eat the pasta!  I want french fries, a whiskey, a beer, and a woman that is always ready to go to the bed.  On here, eh!  Here!
  • Ambra: Bastard!  Bastard!  Respect women!  (looks at Maria) Mamma, tell him to shut up. (looks at  Giosuè) You are despicable, stupid boy!
  • Maria: (looks at Ambra) Wait, sweetie (or literally means cute). Giosuè. So. How will you go to America?  I want to hear it.  How?  By bicycle?
  • Giosuè: No!
  • Maria: By car then?
  • Giosuè: No. That is impossible.
  • Maria: Then how?  By boat?
  • Giosuè: No, by airplane. Above the sea, like this. (makes flying hand gesture).
  • Maria: And where will you go child?
  • Giosuè: To Portland, Oregon, naturally. It is an awesome city.
  • Ambra: Then you can’t go there.
  • Maria: And where is this Portland?
  • Giosuè: Up north.  Near Canada.  Not far from Mexico.
  • Ambra: Mexico? Mexico? Idiot! Portland is many, many kilometers from Mexico.
  • Maria: And where will you work?  What will you do?
  • Giosuè: Anything.  I know many things about cars.
  • Ambra: Because you read your magazines for “men.”
  • Giosuè: Yes, I know a lot!  And I know how to fix furniture.  I fixed this table many times.
  • Ambra: This?! This?  Every time you fix it here, it breaks there!
  • Giosuè: Careful! It’s fragile.  It’s old.
  • Maria: And how will you pay for all this?
  • Giosuè: With money.  I have 500 euros in the bank now.
  • Maria: And when that’s done?
  • Giosuè: With my imagination.
  • Ambra: Imagination?  Where is this imagination?  I don’t know!  I can’t see it.  Where is it huh?
  • Giosuè: You want to see my imagination?!  I’ll give it to you with my right hand and after with my left hand.  Eh?  Which do you prefer first?!
  • Ambra: Fuck you, you asshole!
  • Giosuè: Fuck you!
  • Maria: Children!!
  • Ambra: But, mamma….
  • Maria: Ah! Silence. Giosuè, one day you could live in American, but first you must learn a lot and work well.
  • Giosuè: Yes, mamma.
  • Maria: And Ambra, you must permit your brother to have his dreams, do not worry if he doesn’t know somethings.  What do you say?
  • Giosuè e Ambra: Yes, mamma.
  • Maria: Alright, the food is getting cold. Eat!

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