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I don’t necessarily have an answer for this but I’m curious to know what you think.  And I’m not talking about a skirt that’s simply above the knees, I’m talking about skirts that make sitting down a modern miracle.

So, why do you think girls wear short skirts?

I guess I should be more correct; women also wear short skirts.  Don’t be confused by my usage of the word “girl.”  Why to females wear short skirts?

10/22/09:  Ok. Well, nobody seems to have anything to say, which is fine. I asked this question because lately I’ve seen lots of girls around campus wearing some remarkably short skirts, and it’s not even warm outside. One day I was sitting in class and this chick walked in with a super short skirt and sunglasses so large they about swallowed her face. It struck a funny chord inside this brain of mine, which turned it into a freewrite, which is morphing it into some sort of essay. I was just curious what other people thought about this short skirt syndrome as I feel it’s a part of a bigger picture.

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