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You know, I talk to myself a lot so I thought this whole blogging thing would be much easier than it has turned out to be.  I think I need the Obi-Wan of blogging to come incite my inner blogger. Lately I have some good ideas to jib jab about but by the time I finally decide to jot down a note about the like totally awesome thoughts I had, they are gone.  My reaction: “damn.”

I think it helps if you have something to provoke you.  By that I mean a community of people who care enough to devote a couple minutes a day or a week to read whatever rubbish you’ve decided to upload to the greater internet abyss of rambling.

Anyway, I have a new found respect for people who blog well.

Think I’m going to go meander in the sunshine now… what’s left of it anyway.

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I would like to know when it became socially acceptable to go around town with the majority of your bra showing?  A little strap and what not is going to show here and there, it’s inevitable.  But there was a young chickie on the bus today basically wearing a [very loose] halter top with a normal, straps over both shoulders, clasp in the back, black bra.  You not only could see the straps and back portion of the bra but I’d say roughly 40% of each cup as well.  I understand girls wanting to be attractive and sexy but this was just plain old raunchy.  I think my Dad would have smacked me if he caught me leaving the house dressed like that.  Who’s teaching young girls how to dress these days??

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“Cluster _____.”

So the buses in downtown Portland returned to 5th and 6th avenues today, they’ve been running on 3rd and 4th for quite some time.  You would think the majority of the commotion would come from perplexed, confused commuters who failed to realize the bus stops changed.  This, however, was not the case, or at least not what I noticed.  I’m not sure how long the training had been going on but you would think with months of notice, and formal training, the drivers would know which stops were theirs.  Not to mention the stops are all clearly marked with identifying, large printed, capital letters (i.e. A, B, C) that correlate to every bus number.  Also accompanying every ‘new’ stop were various Trimet employees who were attempting to diffuse the confusion – not quite the way it worked out.  So, needless to mention my bus ride home had a jerky, circus like feel to it this afternoon.

Also, I didn’t see many ‘shelters’ at the new stops.  Most of the bus stops I passed today have this artisitc pole and extended beam like structure.  While it does add a modern aestheticism to the otherwise bland expanses of concrete, I hardly think they will suffice in keeping people out of the rain while they await their bus.  Maybe it’s a work in progress and we’ll see actual coverings arise before the prominent Portland rain makes an entrance.

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During my run this morning I passed a church somewhere in the Cultural District in Portland.  There was a sign on the church reading: “No loitering. Church business only. Police enforced.”  I’d be curious to find out what exactly it is that they deem as “church business.”  The sign is likely meant to keep the homeless people from sleeping on the steps of the church, but aren’t these the people the church is supposed to be reaching out to?  Perhaps I’m drawing too much into this simple sign but my experience with religion has left me quite jaded and it’s this sort of rubbish that rubs me the wrong way.  I find an extreme amount of hypocrisy happening among churches; it seems many of them only want to help the people they feel are worthy to be helped, which excludes the possibly smelly, hungry, ragged clothed people that call the streets of Portland home.  Churches are supposed to lead by example, feed the hungry, shelter the needy, be a light in the dreary night for all who may need it.  The sign I saw, however, translates to me as this: “We don’t want you clogging up are precious pews, and heaven is too full already for the likes of you. Please stay away unless you’re clean and ready to tithe.”  Call me crazy but this is not the type of message a church should be broadcasting.  If there is an actual problem with loitering and juveniles defiling the church property, I would think better words could be found to illustrate this.

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I acknowledge that this is likely supposed to be in reverse (i.e. reading while walking) but sometimes you happen to be reading and suddenly (or perhaps not so suddenly) need to walk. In general, this happens to me on sunny days when the winds aren’t blowing 20 miles an hour or the rain isn’t coming in sideways as I walk home from Trimet # 8. I think it’s a real art. And because I have this high regard for it I’m positively astonished that I’ve managed to do this for some time now without clumsily tripping over one the three million, eight thousand, four hundred and twenty-seven cracks, miniature hills, gaping holes, etc. Portland seems to have in its sidewalks. If you’ve seen me trying to lazily traverse the sidewalks here while walking normally (i.e. without a book in hand for which my eyes are fixed) you’d realize that I have a supreme ability to stumble over my feet by fault of the many disparities in the sidewalks.

Well, as summer comes along I assume my habit of reading and walking will likely increase. I’m sure the confounded looks from passers by will also increase as they await for my idiot self to aimlessly meander into traffic, but lets just hope their looks are in vain. I believe I do a splendid job and gazing onward quite frequently while reading to avoid such break jamming, tire screeching scenarios. I find lately that I’m so busy with school my transit time between hither and thither is largely the only time I can find to read, something that I actually want to read anyway. If you’ve never been daring enough to whip out the ole paperback while lingering about your daily travels, I highly recommend it.

NOT if you are driving however. I saw a woman awhile back reading a novel while driving through the city. What in the world women think when they do this I’ll never know, and I’m a woman (I think). Women are said to be better multi-taskers than men, but I think some take it a bit too far, and far too literal. No, it’s not necessary to risk your life, the life of your children, their friends (who are also in the car), and those passing by on the street just to prove you can paint your nails, apply mascara, shift into 3rd, light a cigarette, and read Charles Dickens all at the same time.

Ok, now I am just procrastinating. I must to homework. If anyone would like to wrap up my latest essay for me please feel free to offer.

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What the crap man!?!?!  I’m 26, not 62.  For some reason I had hoped to age gracefully, perhaps like Audrey Hepburn (sans the smoking), but I’m getting warning signs that aren’t so much in my favor.  Like the white hair (that’s right, white, not gray) I found on my 26th birthday, and the smile lines I have around my mouth.  I would use anti-aging cream on my face but, alas, it makes my skin break out.  Argh!

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A slight breeze is whistling in through the kitchen window. Birds are chattering away outside, likely discussing the pleasant weather we currently find ourselves in. It’s late in the day for lunch, about one in the afternoon. Instead of hustling my food into my cluttered office and clicking away at the world while I eat I decide to enjoy the serene surroundings I unexpectedly find myself in. I pour a petite glass of chardonnay, move the other folding wooden chair closer to my feet so that my legs can lounge, and sit down at my bistro sized dining table, that in all honestly belongs on a patio instead of in a kitchen, with my lunch and a book. I must say it’s been the best lunch I’ve had in a very long time. I nonchalantly peck at my food between pages of perfectly blended words, and alternately sip the crisp chardonnay along with some water. It reminds of something I should do more often. I typically fail to allow myself such pleasures. Such a pity – I think I shall work on this.

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