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Was awesome!  About once a month I seem to be taunted with buffalo wings.  It’s not intentional of course, but it makes me miss the robust, spicy little niblets.  Vita Cafe is a retaurant on Alberta in NE Po that caters to the vegan/ vegetarian type.  They have a couple carnivorous items for those who chomp that way.  Anywho, I had the Buffalo Tofu Wrap which was superb!  Crunchy green lettuce, tomatoes, vegan ranch (gotta love it), and buffalo spiced fried tofu strips.  Who needs chicken when you have buffalo spiced tofu?  You should go try it.  They are apparently moving across the street however; evidently they lost their lease… I don’t know.  They’ll be re-opening about May 8th so make sure you drop by; still on Alberta.

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